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Quality Control


Product quality control is the control work performed by the enterprise to produce qualified products, provide satisfactory customer services and reduce ineffective labor. In order to ensure that the quality of products can meet the quality requirements put forward by customers, laws and regulations, such as applicability, reliability, safety and so on. the company has continuously and effectively monitored and controlled every link of production management and quality inspection and control, which is effective for the continuous improvement of the enterprise and continuous satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers.

Customer demandreview: 1. Product quality 2. Product delivery 3. Customer satisfaction

Purchasing process control:

1. The quality control department conducts random inspection and checks the conformity of each batch of incoming materials according to the "Quality Internal Control Standards".

2. Controllability of product delivery

All purchased materials are ensured to meet the requirements.

Production process control:

Ensure that production and progress are controlled according to the quality 

plan. According to the "Quality Internal Control Standards", the first inspection andthe fixed-site full inspection should be carried out before production. In order to achieve the traceability of the final product, the employees in the production conduct the self-inspection, the quality control department conducts the tour inspection and implements the whole process quality monitoring.

Quality assurance control: 1. Standardization of customer requirements 2. Effectiveness of inspection equipment 3. Reliability of product protection.

Service Process Control: 1. Introduction and consultation of pre-sale products 2. Tracking of products onsale 3. Timely customer return visit

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