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Enterprise Culture


Enterprise Vision: Work with global surface anti-corrosion companies to fight for reducing global metal corrosion.

Enterprise values: integrity, quality, innovation

Integrity is the foundation of being a man and the truth of enterprise development.

Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and development.

Innovation is the only way for the enterprise to continue to grow. We should be brave in innovation and dare to innovate.

Enterprise mission: Committed to creating value for customers, creating development opportunities for employees and contributing to social development.

Enterprise goal:In the field of surface anti-corrosion and electroplating, our company will become the most professional and influential zinc product manufacturer.

Business idea: Market-oriented approach to customers, rapid response.

Business Policy: Focus on core advantages, innovative research and development, promotion of private brands, diversified development.

Enterprise orientation: Create a professional platform for zinc product development, production and service.

Enterprise spirit: Do with scientifictechnology, dowith hardand tenacious spirits, do with innovative methods, do well with mind.

Quality policy: Management precision, product standardization, service specialization, and efficiency optimization.

Safety idea: People-oriented, Safety for the day.

Survival idea: If you don't advance, you will retreat. If you advance slow, you will retreat.

Learning idea: Self-transcendence, lifelong learning.

Quality management:

People: Do things well with the right people.

Machine: Ensure the process capability of equipment.

Material: It is difficult to make up after the finished product is shortage. (control of raw materials)

Method: Do things right with the right method of operation.

Test: Ensure that the measurement tools do not affect the judgment result.

Environment: Control the environmental factors affecting quality characteristics and employee safety and health.

Employee slogan: Do everything with heart.

Top managers: Do the right things.Middle managers: Do the things right. Executive employee: Do the things to be right.