Product name:Zinc wire Specifications:Φ0.3mm-Φ5.0mm Standard: a、Zinc wire:GB/T 12608-2003,Zn≥99.99% b、Row material:GB/T 470-2008,Zn≥99.995%

Product name: aluminum alloy rod Product specifications: 9.0 mm Φ - Φ 12 mm Standard: GB/T 3190-2008

Product name: aluminum buckle wire/aluminum disk wire/ U buckle wire Specifications: Φ2.1, Φ2.2, Φ2.45, Φ2.7

Product name: Zinc aluminum cadmium alloy sacrificial anode specification: single iron foot welded sacrificial anode, double iron foot welded sacrificial anode, bolted sacrificial anode Standard: a Finished product standard: GB/T 4950-2002 b. Raw material standard: GB/T 470-2008 Zn≥99.995%

Product name: Zinc alloy ingot The raw materials are in accordance with the national standard: GB/T 470-2008, with zinc content not less than 99.995%

Product name:Electrician round aluminum rod, Alloy aluminum rod Material:A2, A4, A6, A8 Standard of aluminum rod:GB/T 3190-2008 GB/T 3954-2008 Specifications:Φ9.5MM、Φ12MM、Φ15MM

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