Product name:Aluminum wire for cables Specifications:Φ0.3mm-Φ1.2mm

Product name: aluminum alloy rod Product specifications: 9.0 mm Φ - Φ 12 mm Standard: GB/T 3190-2008

Product name:Aluminum magnesiumalloy wire Specifications:Φ0.3mm-Φ5.0mm Standard:GB/T 3190-2008

Product name:Aluminum alloy wire for rivets Specifications:Φ1.6mm-Φ8.0mm Standard:GB/T 3190-2008

Product name:U-buckle wire Product description: Through a long time of exploration and research, our company developed various types of special-shaped wire production technology. We can produce a variety of special-shaped size specifications of aluminum alloy wire and u-buckle wire. Our company relies on strict raw material screening and quality control, the product has a stable content, performance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness and high strength.

Product name: Great Wall kaka thread/aluminum flat wire Specifications: Series 12:12-6 Series 15:15-7,15-8,15-9 Series 18:18-7,18-8,18-9,18-10

Product name: aluminum buckle wire/aluminum disk wire/ U buckle wire Specifications: Φ2.1, Φ2.2, Φ2.45, Φ2.7

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